SNP and Bryson DeChambeau: A Winning Team

SNP is proud to sponsor the 5-time PGA Tour Winner, Bryson DeChambeau. Often called “the Scientist” or “the Professor” because of his analytical approach to the game, Bryson is transforming and revolutionizing the game of golf: from his approach with golf clubs that are of same length to bring more consistency and to his approach with fitness to gain those extra yards.

This partnership are aligned because SNP has been transforming the SAP landscapes for enterprise corporations for decades – from mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, migrations to clouds, and SAP technology upgrades such as SAP S/4HANA. SNP has been revolutionizing this approach by providing customers with an innovative BLUEFIELD approach to transformation with its end-to-end automated software platform.

This is why customers and partners trust SNP to transform their SAP environments with automation and near-zero downtime so that they gain predictive analytics to make real-time business decisions to increase their earnings.

"SNP is an exceptional, leading-edge organization with an incredible roster of customers around the world. Given our appreciation for embracing new, cutting-edge approaches, the philosophy and values between SNP and myself are well aligned and I look forward to kicking off the new year with our partnership.”