SNP - The Next Generation Innovation Platform

Innovation in an IT landscape involves using technologies in new ways to create a more efficient organization and improve alignments between technology initiatives and business goals. Companies who are willing to stay competitive and grow businesses, are the ones showing flexibility, agility and dynamism along their business life. Thus, they have to go through continuous transformation.

SNP helps companies to adapt and consume the latest trends, such as digital transformation, cloud, big data, at a greater speed.

Typical customer challenges while working on innovations are or might include:

  • Reduce cost of operations
  • Standardize and align business processes to heighten flexibility
  • Upgrade & consolidation in one step (e.g. Move to EHP, HANA, S/4HANA)
  • Mirror organizational restructuring scenarios to a system landscape (e.g. Carve-outs, Mergers & Acquisitions)
  • Unify financial and controlling processes
  • Compliancy with standard regulations (SOAX, GAAP, IFRS, GST, VAT)

For such challenges, SNP has a solution: SNP Transformation Backbone® with SAP LT, world’s first cloud based transformation solution.

SNP Transformation Backbone actively supports every single step of your transformation. It enables you to master the entire transformation logistics – from continuous analysis of your corporate data and processes to careful planning and rapid implementation. SNP Transformation Backbone is the only software-based solution that addresses both business and IT driven transformations –  thus facilitating better communication and interaction between technical and business teams during these critical projects.

To ensure that your SAP solutions operate in an optimal way during these transformation processes, you need sensible, realistic test data for your development, testing, or training systems. Data that help you accelerate your software development, automate your quality assurance processes, and successfully launch new business functions. SNP software and applications can make an immense difference to an organization’s journey to achieve the successful results from adopting innovations.

SNP Business Process Analysis (BPA) helps you to discover and understand business processes. It visualizes business processes in SAP and Non-SAP ERP systems. Also, it documents compares and monitors current processes and optimizes process performances.

SNP Data Provisioning & Masking (DPM) offers a standard software application for providing realistic and secure test data – it helps you to refresh non-production clients and a faster replication of clients and system copy, to perform data masking and a secure system copy as well as less required hardware than a system copy. Also, it has pre-configured business objects which helps in efficient and fast testing.

SNP Interface Scanner (IFS) reviews your interfaces. With IFS, you will never deal with undocumented or obsolete interfaces, which can create significant security risks, while outdated and incompatible interfaces can lead to severe disruptions in business operations. It allows you to gather valuable insights into your system landscape and any changes which have occurred over time.

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